My Story

“I believe beauty is a state of being. I help my clients
navigate their way to discovering it and living it.”

“From my body-healing background as an open-heart surgery nurse and a holistic physical therapist to my mind-centering work as a neurolinguistic programming practitioner, a Life Transformed Coach and a spiritual counselor, I’ve developed a deep, hands-on understanding of the human condition, both inside and out.”

“My insights as a strategist who guides people to go deeper
to identify what they need to evolve and transform, come
in part from all the life-changing work I’ve done on myself.”

“Thanks to my own debilitating struggles with low self-esteem, I’ve literally practiced what I preach on myself. As part of my own evolving journey of transformation towards self-awareness and acceptance, I’ve used my strategic skills, extensive modality training and professional experience to discover my own inner joy, power and beauty.”

“My mission: Inspire others to see and embrace the truth that they’re just one choice away from finding their best selves and their happy.”

“Having personally experienced the connection between my thoughts, emotions and physiology, I found my purpose—to guide and empower women to transform and live from their being, not their personality. To help them feel confident and see their full value. To help them unleash their greater joy and fall in love with their inner beauty. “

“What lies before us and behind us are small matters
compared to what lies within us. And when you bring
what is within out into the world, miracles happen.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Feedback & Reviews

I can say with certainty that the session I had with Silvia was very positive, like recharging energetically, personally I would recommend having a sessions with her, if I got that result in just one session I can’t imagine what  I  will become
I think that the best investment we can make is in your mind, if we can self evaluate ourselves we can achieve our dreams and peace and acceptance. This is all great when it happens with somebody as professional as Silvia Rios


I recently got the amazing opportunity to be facilitated by Silvia Rios, I was so excited for this session, as Silvia‘s calm, comforting demeanor put me at ease immediately.
I was not disappointed, as Silvia and I worked through issues I have been unable to discuss with anyone else throughout my life. She made me feel accepted and I sensed her lack of judgement for me. Our session allowed me to clear some long personal issues and I am very grateful for having the opportunity to meet with Silvia. I would highly recommend her sessions to anyone interested in gaining insight into life long issues

Becky S.

Silvia‘s process was amazing. It touched right into areas of my consciousness and emotions that needed to be released and I walked away from the session feeling lighter, more free and looking forward to the future. Silvia has a natural ability to connect and her compassion adds to her effectiveness and talent. I would highly recommend connecting with Silvia for this process!

Tammy H